Garlic with Olive Oil: Benefits and Recipes

Discover the many advantages of garlic with olive oil, which include its capability to enhance the immune system, battle free radicals, enhance digestion, and decorate intelligence function. Try ingesting a spoonful of mashed garlic olive oil on an empty belly in the morning for centered antioxidants that guard the body's immune system. Additionally, study how to make Provençal garlic confit in olive oil, a scrumptious and flavorful addition to any meal that can be stored for countless months.

Discover the amazing health benefits of garlic with olive oil and try delicious recipes for this healthy and flavorful combination. Improve your health today!
Garlic with Olive Oil: Benefits and Recipes

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with this Amazing Garlic & Olive Oil Recipe!

Garlic is one of the plants that contains amazing benefits for the body, it is a natural antibiotic that protects against diseases, as it helps to boost the body's immunity, especially when eaten raw daily on an empty stomach. Garlic also contains important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As for olives, they are mentioned in the Quran, which confirms their important benefits. Olive oil contains a high percentage of essential vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the health of vital organs in the body. The mixture of olive oil with garlic is the perfect mixture to maintain strong health and a body free of germs and microbes, thanks to the compounds contained in the ingredients. A spoonful of mashed garlic olive oil can be taken in the morning, as it helps to give the body the necessary energy to continue the day, in addition to being a concentrated mixture of antioxidants that protect the body's immune system and strengthen it in the face of diseases.

What are the benefits of garlic with olive oil?

The mixture of garlic and olive oil is most commonly used for hair care and beauty, in addition to consuming it. Here are some benefits of garlic with olive oil:

The mixture of garlic and olive oil is used as a hair mask and is left on the hair for an hour, but the hair should be washed well with a sulfate-free shampoo afterward to avoid leaving a strong odor. The mixture helps to increase hair thickness and length and deeply nourishes the scalp.

Garlic and olive oil on an empty stomach strengthens the body's immunity against colds and flu.

It fights free radicals and protects against cancer.

It improves digestion and protects the intestines and stomach from stomach bacteria.

Benefits of garlic with olive oil on an empty stomach:

Garlic with olive oil can be prepared either by soaking fresh garlic cloves in olive oil, so that the active compounds in garlic are filtered, or by steam distillation. This oil is rich in allicin, some amino acids, sulfur compounds, enzymes, eugenol, and many other antioxidants. The following are the benefits of taking garlic with olive oil on an empty stomach:

• Helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels

• Strengthens the immune system

• Promotes cardiovascular health

• Enhances brain function and memory

• Improves skin health

• Reduces inflammation in the body.

It is important to note that excessive consumption of garlic may cause digestive problems or bad breath, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking it.

Health and Wellness: Discover the Magic of Provençal Garlic Confit

Garlic confit has always been a staple in our traditional Provençal meals, often accompanying lamb shoulder or roast chicken. Cooked in its skin with olive oil, pepper, and garden herbs, it remains one of my fondest childhood culinary memories. The garlic softens and becomes flavorful, creamy, and as smooth as a purée. Join me as I unveil my family's recipe for Provençal garlic confit.

The Essence of Provence in a Jar

Prepared in a jar, Provençal garlic confit goes well with all meats and fish and enhances all vegetable dishes. Think of a delicious tian Provençal or a Catalan escalade. But, most simply, you can spread garlic confit with olive oil on a slice of fresh, crusty bread, just like butter.

Not only is the garlic delicious in this preparation, but the olive oil also has its charm! The garlic and herbs used infuse the room during cooking and flavor the olive oil, giving it a unique taste. So instead of throwing it away when the garlic is finished, save it: you can use it in pasta, salads, and other homemade dishes like tapenade or hummus.

Provençal Garlic Confit in Olive Oil: The Recipe


For 2 heads of garlic (ideally, new garlic, which is milder than dried garlic).


Start by removing the outer skin of the garlic, but keep the cloves' skins! A tip: gently press the garlic head with the palm of your hand to release the cloves more easily.

Should you remove the germ or not?

New garlic has the advantage of not having a developed germ. However, the season is short: June/July or later, depending on the region, and it's not always easy to find. The germ develops in dried garlic. But in this recipe, you can keep it without worry. It's only necessary to remove it when using raw garlic (as it can be hard to digest). In a garlic confit preparation where the garlic softens, it's not a problem.

Garlic has undeniable benefits for our cardiovascular system and is an ideal component of the Cretan (or Mediterranean) diet.


Place the garlic in a thick-bottomed saucepan, add the herbs and pepper, and cover with olive oil. Heat for a few minutes and reduce to low heat before the oil starts to simmer.

We want garlic confit, not fried garlic! The secret lies in the cooking: the garlic should be kept warm and cooked gently. The herbs are an excellent indicator: they should remain green. If you see them start to brown, the oil is too hot. In that case, remove from heat and let cool a bit.

Avoid stirring to prevent breaking the garlic cloves' skins. Let cook for 20 to 30 minutes. The cooking time depends on the size of the cloves, the depth of the saucepan, and the oil level. The best way to check for doneness is to poke the garlic with a knife; it should enter without difficulty. Another option is to cook the garlic in an oven-safe dish at 160°C to 180°C (320°F to 356°F) for 25 to 35 minutes.

Once cooked, remove from heat or take out of the oven and let cool before pouring into a jar. If the oil is too hot, your jar could crack! At this stage, you can remove the herb stems and keep only the leaves. You'll notice that some cloves may lose their skin: this is normal and not a big deal. They will still taste excellent.

How to Store Garlic Confit

Proper storage depends on the jar. It's best to choose an airtight jar like Le Parfait. Each time you use it, make sure the oil covers all the garlic cloves: they must be submerged in the olive oil for proper storage.

Also, it's a good idea to store them in a cool place, but the oil may solidify (depending on your refrigerator's temperature). If that happens, don't worry: just take the jar out a few minutes before using it. The oil will return to its normal state at room temperature.

In the jar, the olive oil can keep for several months and the garlic can last from 3 weeks to 1 month. But honestly, the taste is so good that it often only lasts a few days. Dive into the world of Provençal cuisine and enjoy the benefits of garlic confit!


In summary, garlic with olive oil is an effective aggregate that gives several fitness benefits, which include boosting immunity, warfare free radicals, enhancing digestion, and advertising cardiovascular health. Garlic and olive oil can be eaten up collectively in many ways, inclusive of as a hair mask or as a targeted combination on an empty stomach. Provençal garlic confit is a scrumptious and wholesome dish that is made by using cooking entire garlic cloves in olive oil with herbs and spices till they end up smooth and flavorful. It can be used as a spread, delivered to sauces and dips, or used in a range of dishes to beautify their flavor. Properly saved in a hermetic jar, Provençal garlic confit can ultimate for various months and is a staple in the regular delicacies of the Provence area of France.

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